Sheet Rubber and Gasketing Material
We offer the most extensive line of sheet rubber in the industry

We offer the most extensive line of sheet rubber in the industry. Our top quality products are made with the most precise ingredients. Everything in rubber sheeting including SBR, natural, nitrile (Buna-n) neoprene, butyl Viton (registered trademark Du Pont), Hypalon (registered trademark Du Pont) Silicone and FDA materials.

Hypalon (registered trademark du pont) Silicone and FDA materials.

Our rubber sheets meet or exceed ASTM specifications. Durometers from 15 Duro shore A to 90 duro shore A. Thickness from 1/32" up to 2" in slab form. Fabric reinforced for high pressure applications.

NON OIL RESISTANT SHEET RUBBER: Natural rubber (pure gum) 35-45 duro, 3400 PSI tensile, 600% Min. elongation. ASTM D2000 AA 430

Natural/SBR cloth finish drum cured red rubber sheet. 70-85 duro, 800 PSI tensile, 150% Min. elongation. ASTM D1330 Gr. 11

EDPM sheet that provides outstanding resistance to weathering, ozone and UV exposure, Black smooth finish 55-65 duro, 1700 PSI tensile, 400% Min. elongation. ASTM D2000 3BA 615 B13 C12.

Neoprene blend CR/NBR/SBR black 50-60 duro 1000 PSI tensile smooth finish, 300% Min elongation. ASTM D2000 BC 608

Nitrile oil resistant sheet, will work well in oil, solvent and fuels. 55-65 duro, black smooth finish, 2000 PSI tensile, 400% Min. elongation ASTM D2000 BF 618

Neoprene Diaphragm sheet, reinforced with high quality square woven duck to provide balance structure. 1 ply through 4 ply depending on overall thickness. Black smooth finish 1500 PSI tensile, 300% Min. elongation. ASTM D2000 2BF 615 E034.

VITON (registered trademark Du Pont) Excellent resistance to heat and oil combinations, hot greases found in engines and compressors and a wide range of concentrated acids.

SILICONE has excellent properties for both hot and cold temperatures extremes, excellent weathering properties, resists ozone and oxygen attack.