Acid Suction & Discharge Hose

Acid Suction & Discharge Hose
EPDM tube acid suction and discharge hose with an EPDM cover

Acid hose, chemical suction & discharge hose must not be used at temperatures and pressures above those recommended by the manufacturer. All operators must be thoroughly trained in the care and use of these hoses and must at all times wear protective clothing. A hose system failure could cause the release of a poisonous, corrosive or flammable material. When handling easily contaminated or hazardous materials it is critical to select the proper hose. Never allow chemicals or acids to drip on the exterior of a hose or allow hose to lay in a pool of chemicals/acids since the hose cover may not have the resistance of the tube.

Should a corrosive material come in contact with the reinforcing material, early failure could result. EXTREME CARE MUST BE TAKEN WHEN FLUSHING OUT A CHEMICAL OR ACID HOSE WITH WATER, SOME CHEMICALS, SUCH AS CONCENTRATED ACIDS, MAY REACT WITH WATER AND CAUSE SPATTERING WHICH COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY TO EYES OR OTHER AREAS OF THE BODY. When flushing a hose, disposal of the effluent must be made in such a manner that environmental problems are not created.

We offer a variety of tube and covers for the many chemical and acids used.

EPDM tube Acid suction and discharge hose with an EPDM cover.
Hypalon tube Acid suction and discharge hose with a Neoprene cover.
X-linked polyethylene tube suction and discharge hose with a EPDM cover.
PTFE lined, EPDM cover suction and discharge Acid and chemical hose.
UHMWPE chemical and discharge tube and EPDM cover hose that is formulated to handle 98% of all known industrial chemicals.

Size range from 1" ID to 4" ID Working pressures from 100 PSI to 200 PSI

Temperature range from -40 degrees to +350 degrees F

Please contact us for the best hose to handle your application.